What Impact Will My Signature Have? Where Does it Go?

As the Million Advocates for Sustainable Science effort gains signatures from scientists and other sustainable science advocates, the organizers (MGL and I²SL) may share non-identifying information about the scope of support. Information could include the number of people that have signed, a summary of different types of job roles/functions of signatories and numbers of people in those roles, the number of signatories from each industry/sector, the number of signatories from different types of institutions and organizations, and the country from which signatories have signed. This aggregated information will be shared with science funding bodies such as the Department of Health and Human Services in the United States, UKRI in the United Kingdom, and others, to show support for systemic changes to the science funding system, as described in the open letter. By signing this letter you can help transform the way science funding organizations set expectations for efficiency, resiliency, and sustainability in the way scientific research is conducted.

The Million Advocates Campaign can also be supported by non-profit, academic, or governmental bodies as Organizational Signatories. Learn more about it here and see if your organization will be interested in joining.

More about the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I²SL)

I²SL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in the United States but with a global reach, with I²SL chapters all over the world. I²SL is devoted to the principles of sustainable laboratories and related high-technology facilities, from design to engineering to operation. Through worldwide partnerships and the exchange of technical expertise, I²SL encourages sustainable design, construction, and operation of high-tech facilities that address the rapid pace of science, medicine, research, and development in an ever-changing and dynamic environment. I²SL hosts an annual conference, workshops, and facilitates a network of technical capabilities to promote a whole-building approach to sustainable design and decarbonization of laboratories and other high-tech facilities. I²SL was founded in 2006 and has a Board of Directors comprised of lab designers, builders, engineers, and owner/operators.


More about My Green Lab

My Green Lab is a global 501(c)(3) non profit organization founded in the United States that engages scientists all over the world in lab sustainability best practices. We were formed in 2013 to unify and lead scientists, vendors, designers, energy providers, and other stakeholders in a common drive toward a world in which all research reflects the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. Run “for scientists, by scientists,” we leverage our credibility and track record to develop standards, oversee their implementation, and inspire the many behavioral changes that are needed throughout the scientific community. Though My Green Lab focuses solely on laboratory environments, we believe our activities will excite similar changes across other industries, and in the private lives of the millions of people who spend their time in labs.


What Can I Do Right Now to Learn More About Lab Sustainability or to Make My Lab More Efficient?

Getting Started

Going Further

How Can I Write A Letter to My Country’s Main Science Funders and Get it Included in Million Advocates for Sustainable Science?

Million Advocates for Sustainable Science launched May 2022 with a global-oriented letter and a letter with U.S.-specific additions particular to the science funding policies in the United States. A vision for Million Advocates for Sustainable Science is that additional open letters specific to other areas of the world could be added to this website and signed, where there are also systemic issues with science funding not addressing the need for efficiency, sustainability, and resilience in how scientific research is conducted. If you are interested in leading the writing of a letter specific to your country, continent, and funding agencies in your area of the world, please reach out to info@mygreenlab.org. Additional letters or addenda could be added to this site in the future.

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Reach out to sustainableadvocates@mygreenlab.org  with any questions or for additional information.